Top 15 European Snowkite Contest – Roccaraso (Italy)

Posted on January 9th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

Top 15 European Snowkite Contest – Roccaraso (Italy)

Again the Snowkite spot in Italy is one of the famous and prestigious spot in Europe and after the last Chasta Days, Niccolò and Tommaso of Snowkiteroccaraso organize the best event of the Year in Italy.

Ozone Italy with all team riders try to defend the title for this first competition and during the week Ozone Italy will give to you the opportunity to test the new snowkite 2014 product with the best riders.

Top Riders + Top 5 snowkiting Brands + Top photographers + Top Video makers = a week of fun and competition in one of the best spot in Italy

The school, The sportingvillage hotel, and the Consorzio skipass alto sangro, with other sponsors are pleased to invite the best of Snowkite Europe Rider from January 28 to February 3 to participate at the Top 15 European Snowkite contest – Alto Sangro.

This year the snowkite contest has a limited number, but we think it can be successfully replicated next season open to all.

The goal of the event, from the point of view of communication, is to promote the the Alto Sangro area as an international destination for snowkiting.

For that reason we have Pascal and Wareck as the official photographers and video makers.

Rules of Game:
every rider, equipped with, GOPRO, GPS, ARVA or Recco, shovel, probe, can freely choosing the road…. wins who after 4 hours:
– Makes more meters
– has more variations in height x 20
– + A difficulty factor that will reward the variety, difficulty and creativity.
Minimum: 1 day challenge
Maximum 3 days Challenge

Wareck Arnaud (Photo/video)
Pascal Boulgakow (Photo/video)
Marco Loconte (

Johann Chivel (OZONE)
Chedric Joubert
Jerome Yosserand

Ronny (OZONE)
Patrick (OZONE)

Leoni Michele
Simone Borgi (OZONE)
Stefano Gigli (OZONE)
Lido Hans Lattanzi (OZONE)
Marco Moriconi (OZONE)



Arrive 28th Jan to 3rd Feb

Hotel sportvillage Castel di Sangro

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