World Speed Record with the Ozone Yakuza GT

Posted on June 28th, 2013 by Ozone Landkites

Hi everyone,

we just received the news from Maikel that he has set a new speed record in a buggy with bigfoot tires with a 4.5m Yakuza GT. Usually most speed records are set on disc wheels which run faster on hard surfaces and small kites but madman Maikel shows some real balls!!! Read on for his statement:

My name is Maikel Boels “H19” and drive for about 10 years buggy. I’m also drive with Ozone Gear for 10 years because I’m a BIG fan of your company and gear! So were going on a 3 day trip to les Hemmes like we do now every year. Last year also on the Saturday I set my own record on 99.5 km/h, and I was disappointed that I didn’t get the 100km/h! This year also on the Saturday it was blowing lovely, about 7-8 Bft and I was ready to take my speed record to go over the 100km/h.

My first run with the Yakuza GT 4.5 I get 99.9 km/h on my gps, and I was really disappointed!! I try a lot of things, but I didn’t get over the 100km/h. After a few minutes when I stopped to eat/drink, the wind was getting up to about 38 knots and I thought this is my chance to get over 100km/h, so I took my Yakuza GT 4.5 and go out for another spin. With my first run I take 110/h on my gps and I was REALY happy! After another few runs where I drove every run over the 100km/h but I didn’t get over 110km/h. When I got back for another “pit stop” some friends pumped me up to go over my new record. So I set up again to go for another spin, but the wind was now really gusty! And not “tasty” to drive. My first run I broke my line with 104km/h Grrr! I tried a few times but didn’t go over the 110km/h. So I thought by myself it was enough for now, and take a break. So now I hope to chase another record with Ozone!!

Special thanks to “Ozone” & “Gt-Race”

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