No Pain no gain! A short video of Gunnar Biniasch training and learning new Wingfoil maneuvers. Below he gives us a few useful tips on improving your wingfoil skills"

"The easiest and safest way to start training most maneuvers for Wingfoiling is on land with a longboard skateboard.  Carvers actually turn too tight to accurately simulate a foil, that is why I use a long dancer longboard as it matches the turning radius of my foils.  You can check out the video of me training the 360 here: Facebook video link

The key to the backwinded carving 360 is committing to the turn and being able to control the wing when it’s backwinded.  

Enter the carve with decent speed. Once you are pointing straight downwind pull the wing towards the tail of the board and sheet in hard with your backhand.  I find it easier with my front hand on the top Y Handle.  When you sheet in hard the wing should “oversheet” and stall (stop pulling).

It is very important to carve hard though the wind, so keep pressure on your toes and keep your weight against the wing by leaning over towards the topside rail all the way through the turn. Keep carving until the board completes the 360.  If you stop carving the wing can catch the wind and knock you over.

Keep your hands high (especially with large wings)  to keep the wingtips from hitting the water."

Have fun learning :-)

Equipment: Ozone Kites WaspV1 5m, Indiana Paddle & Surf Co. 150cm Prototype Board, Moses Hydrofoil W790/S450 on 82cm Mast
Video: Doris Klemm