Dr Nick Levi- Ozone USA family member and endurance kiter just set the world record for longest distance kited in 24 hrs.  



Record happened on the 8.11.2017 in the Sacramento River Delta in California.  It has been certified by Guinness.

Started at 4:17 am and finished 21.43 hours later covering 673.89 kilometres or 543 miles.

Wind was 13 to 27 mph.

Kite:  Edge V9 8m with 55cm bar (and 25 m lines and was moving non-stop except for crashes with salmon (or seals) and occasionally jumping to clean off the sea grass from the foil. 

Hydrofoil: Mikes Lab foil with Aquavolta lights as well as bike lights on the kite for reference 

Average speed for the first 18 hrs was 35.24 kmh or 21.9 mph. 

GPS tracking was done the two Suunto Ambit watches, a Garmin Fenix watch and two Velocitek speed pucks to control the speed throughout. 

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