Scott Gillespie

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Scott Gillespie

Country: Australia

Passion: Kitesurf

Kite: Reo

Date of birth: 23/01/1986

Nationality: Australian

Discipline: Waveriding

Home spot: Byron Bay

Favourite Spot: Spot F

Favourite Gear: Reo, Blacksheep Surfboards

Favourite Moves: Surf inspired kitesurfing

More important than kiting: Family, Friends

What do you do in free time: Surf

What's on your iPod: I am on Spotify recommendations now

Why Ozone: I've tried alot of kites, they fly better

What was your best kite moment: Any time spent in Safety Bay or some of the Barrels i've had.

What was your best life moment: Getting new kites

How would you change the world: World Peace

What would be your ideal day: Surf, Kite, Sleep