Troy Devine

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Troy Devine

Country: Australia

Passion: Kitesurf

Kite: Reo

Date of birth: 17/05/1977

Nationality: Australian


Discipline: Waveriding

Competitive Highlights:

2nd Open Wave Riding - QLD Titles

3rd KITEJAM Wave Riding Teams

Namotu Island Kite Instructor

Home spot: Cotton Tree Sunshine Coast

Favourite Spot: Namotu Lefts - Namotu Island Fiji

Favourite Gear: Ozone Rev 5 8mtr + 5'1 1 Black Sheep Board Co Surf Board

Favourite Moves: Unhooked Back Hand - Riding Down The Line

More important than kiting: Mindfulness - but Kiting and Mindfulness are the same same really

What do you do in free time: Interview Infuencers From All Over The World

What's on your iPod: Taylor Swift - Keep It Quiet

Why Ozone: Best Gear Ever … Inspired By Nature - Driven By The Elements -->> Resonates with me :)

What was your best kite moment: Coaching 20 people kite surfing from around the world at Namotu Island Resort - Watching everyone smile

What was your best life moment: I'm still living it and exploring it - I'll get back to you

How would you change the world: Allow people to instantly recognise their super power - Overcome the limitations of the mind.

What would be your ideal day: Being paid handsomly to interview people from around the world. (while kiting of course)

Fave quote: "When You Are Born - You Work Is Placed In Your Heart" - Khalil Gibran