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Each of the inflatable tubes on an Ozone kite contains a thin PU bladder which can get punctured (easily fixed) or other damage can occur through crashing and bursting the LE and struts, BUT the most common cause of failure is from overheating due to being stored in a vehicle during the hot Australian summer.

Storing kites in hot cars where temps can exceed 80C! is the main cause of failure for all inflatable kites. Read about how hot a car in the sun can get HERE.

The best method to fix damage to the fabric leading edge tube is to get the kite sewn up properly by a professional and then fit a NEW bladder set. We recommend changing all bladders if you experience any heat-related valve/bladder failure.

We keep the most common Ozone inflatable kite bladders in stock in Australia, but bladders for all Ozone kites from 2010 onwards can be ordered and usually arrive from the factory within 2-4 weeks (Covid-19 is affecting shipping times).

All replacement bladders are now V2 which feature large high flow valves and hoses and are completely backward compatible with all Ozone kites made since 2010.

There are so many models and sizes that the best way to order one is to send us a photo of the serial number of the kite - this helps us correctly identify the kite and the spare bladders to suit. We will then reply and tell you the availability and price.

Send us an email with your kite's serial number and photos. Bladders are sold in complete sets only. Send an email to;

Price is shown as zero because we cannot display a price without knowing which model and size is needed. Prices vary from $150 - $270 depending on size and model.

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