Ozone Connect Water Harness
Ozone Connect Water Harness
Ozone Connect Water Harness
Ozone Connect Water Harness

Ozone Connect Water Harness

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The all new Connect Water harness from Ozone is perfect for day-to-day freeride sessions on any board - twin tip, surfboard or foil board. The uniquely designed low profile fit increases body movement range in all directions. In the waves this allows a huge amount of extra freedom during turns, where a normal harness can often get in your way resulting in unwanted body positioning.

Its lightweight construction and the possibility to lay it flat without distorting a pre-determined or fixed shape make it the perfect travel harness. When we say lightweight we mean it - the Medium size weighs only 990grams including the spreader bar!



Low profile fit

The low profile fit increases movement range in all directions – with this harness you will feel free and flexible in your body movements. It is designed for a tight and close fit – the tighter you wear the harness the fewer tendencies it has to ride up or to shift from side to side.

Quick Release Stainless Steel spreader bar

The custom Stainless Steel spreader bar includes an easy push open release, leash attachment ring, and emergency hook knife.

Simple functional design

No unnecessary cosmetic items maintain a clean, lightweight and functional design.

Super lightweight construction

The Medium size Connect-Water harness weighs only 990grams! Attention to design, material selection and no unnecessary cosmetic items have allowed us to build this harness super lightweight.

Ergonomic shaping

Ergonomic shaped paneling – load is distributed evenly over a larger area.

Reinforced spreader bar pad

The spreader bar is bolted onto the spreader pad with internal plastic reinforcement to avoid upward twisting of the spreader bar.

Strong internal structure

Plastic layers along the back section with full length webbing support for optimum load distribution and extra strength.

Internal foam padding with soft Neoprene outside layer

Super comfortable to wear on bare skin with no rubbing spots/points. The thick internal foam offers a comfortable fit even when the harness is done up tight.

Extra strong webbing

Heavy duty webbing straps for a long lifespan. Webbing savers reduce wear on the main straps at the spreader bar connection.

Grab handle

Strong, lightweight grab handle on the back of the harness.

Bungee retainers on buckles

Bungee retainers on the buckles store the webbing straps out of the way.